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The Secret of Real Estate Revealed

Investing in real estate is simple. The key concepts are principled on the fundamentals of common sense and can be easily understood through an understanding of the Real Estate Investment Pyramid. All investments - including stocks, bonds, commodities and real estate - must be supported by a solid foundation. In real estate, this foundation is strengthened through an understanding of the individual building blocks - how value is created, how value is enhanced, and how value is maximized. The Laws of Real Estate are there to guide you on a path toward making sound decisions. If you break the laws, you will be penalized. If you obey the laws, you will stay on course to maximizing your return on investment. The Secret of Real Estate Revealed also discloses the single most important factor for any investment: identifying risk. All returns on investment are based on the understanding of how the elements of risk interact and lead to achieving your real estate investment goals.

My goal in writing The Secret of Real Estate Revealed was to share the knowledge I have accumulated in my 27 years in the real estate industry. In writing this book, I applied common sense to simplify the seemingly complex real estate environment.

Lance W. Doré, FRICS, MAI
President and CEO - The Doré Group (San Diego, CA)

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